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Re: Settle for /usr symlink (!)

On Tue, Mar 09, 1999 at 08:44:42AM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> I have just two questions - if a package breaks because it doesn't
> support /usr as a symlink, are we able to change the Debian source, or
> do we need a seperate source package for Debian?

I think we are able to change it in the normal Debian package. My new
dpkg-architecture makes it possible to get exact information about the
architecture, and makes it easy to have Hurd specific parts of the rules

Sure, if a maintainer objects and can't be convinced, we have a problem. But
only so few packages are affected, that this is first unlikely, and second
makes alternatives possible (split off).
> There seems to be some debate as to whether we should remove /usr as
> a symlink later on - I will stay out of this for now, but has anyone
> considered (yet) what needs to be altered in Debian packages for this to
> work? If not, then I will...

Be my guest, but I would try to get rid of /usr/X11R6 first. I have
considered this, and Branden is on my side, but Manoj objects :)

Seriously, as Gordon said, let's do real work first and time will solve this
problem, too.


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