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Re: Trying to compile screen on HURD

Ian Main <imain@netidea.com> writes:

> One thing odd is that out of the box it hangs on a function closeallfiles()
> which closes all file descriptors except 0-2.  I assume it ends up trying to
> close an rpc connection ?

No, it's just that there are potentially 2^32 file descriptors for it
to close.  That takes a while.  The code in question is not important

> Anyway, I commented that out, and now it will run.. I even got to a
> new screen with one configuration, but I was unable to type
> anything. Some configs would cause mach to die and reboot.

Does mach print anything when it dies?

One debugging strategy is to use a config that doesn't cause it to
die, and run it under a debugger.


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