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Status of Debian developers?


this is just a quick check of the status of the various Debian developers
(and other contributors) who have installed Hurd in the last weeks.
Especially I would like to know what you need to get started to compile and
upload some packages. Here is what I will do:

* Expect a new dpkg soon, now with working dpkg-source and

* I will start to submit some patches for Hurdish debian/rules files. Alas,
  we have still no policy in force, and official dpkg can't handle it. I
  wonder how long it takes for either Ian or the policy group to take action.
  But a wishlist bug report should be okay. I do this so you have some
  examples how to use dpkg-architecture.

* We need a new libc6 for dpkg-shlibdeps (and even then we won't have a
  guarantee that it works). The alternative is to use objdump and the
  dpkg-cross version even natively (which is limited in some serious way).
  As I have a new 10 GB disk, I will at least try to compile glibc (Roland
  reported success). Gordon, what's the current status? Will ldd work in the
  next glibc?

* We need new snaphsots of hurd, gnumach. This has to be checked with the

After these steps, everything should be ready for seamless native
package building.

* I will try to continue my work on sysvinit after glibc, so the boot
  process is smoother.

* The archive needs to be cleaned up. I need to check if we have need for
  binary-all-hurd and binary-all-linux (I feel a need, but I need hard

* Then, I will actually try to get auto-building to work. this would bea big
  step forward.

That's from my side,

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Marcus Brinkmann              GNU    http://www.gnu.org     master.debian.org
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