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Re: HURD installation and checkout from gnu-19990104.tar.gz

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 11:25:58AM -0600, Gavin Lewis wrote:
> The guide does not mention that the tarball is already set up as per
> section seven -- native-install script already run, ttys set up.

That's because the device file will _not_ work. A translator can't be stored
in a tar file yet. This was an error on my setup. This is why you need to
run the settrans commands and MAKEDEV commands from native-install.

> Running export TERM=mach on first boot seems to be a very bad idea --
> typed commands aren't seen after doing this.

Have to try that, thanks.
> Running the system:
> On multiuser boot (no flags -- perhaps I need -m?), / is read-only, which
> greatly confuses the bootup process.

Most probably because your file system was not cleanly unmounted. Please run
e2fsck (from Linux). 

> Creating /dev/hd0s3 (my Linux partition) with MAKEDEV and setting a
> translator for /linux pointing to it succeeds, but accessing /linux
> makes the translator die with a "cannot map whole disk" message.

Probably the Linux partition is too big. Currently, there is a bug so Hurd
can't process partitions > approx 1 GB.
> Oddly enough, mounting /linux as /dev/hd0s4 (my HURD partition) works,
> but /linux/linux acts very strangely -- ls sees /linux/linux, ls -l doesn't,
> and actually accessing /linux/linux makes the translator die with a
> "cannot map whole disk" message, again.

Hehe. Recursive mounting :) I don't know if this can be checked. Probably
it should. You could file a bug report against the Hurd package (or I can do
that if you are not familiar with the BTS).

> Vi doesn't work -- freezes on startup, ^C goes back to the shell.

That's because /bin/vi calls /usr/bin/vi, which is /bin/vi (when usr is a
symlink). Call nvi or vim directly, please, until this is fixed in the ae
> Dpkg thinks the system architecture is i386 -- it should be hurd-i386.

Please use dpkg from alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/debian, until I
uplaoded a better dpkg in the repository.
> The login message identifies the system as "Debian GNU/Linux".

Yes :) Sorry, motd is just wrong. I am unsure how to fix this correctly.
We will have to wait for this (because there is some deeper hidden problem). 

At least it can be argued that the GNU Mach kernel contains linux drivers,
so there is a small portion of Linux in there :)

> Upgrading the "essential" packages to the latest versions as of this date
> (March 7th) does not cure any of the above ills and makes login no longer
> recognize passwords as valid.

Do NOT install the login package. Do not install other base packages than
the ones in the tar file, if you don't know what you do. Reinstall hurd to
fix the login problem.


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