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fd/4 problem understood and various other small nits


I just tested a complete reinstall from scratch. Here are my notes:

* cross-install 1.4 has a small error, pointed out by Gavin Lewis, thanks!
  (cp servers.boot.dpkg-new is mising path /boot)
  New version 1.5 will be uploaded.

* login of hurd_19990212-2 is _broken_, because it fails to verify passwords
  correctly. Boot to single user and remove your passwords or downgrade to -1.
  I'll file a bug report.

* If you want to install passwd package, you need to use "--force-depends",
  because login is not installed (don't install it!). Making hurd "Provide:"
  login doesn't work, because the dependency is versioned (and Provides are
  Either we need to hack passwd not to use login.defs and login package for
  the hurd, or we need to split off a hurd login package (but this gives us
  headaches with version numbering and packaging name)
  To the GNU people: Will we use the normal passwd package, or something of
  our own?  There's stuff like /etc/shells (dunno why it's there),
  chpasswd, group{add,mod,del}, grpck, grp{un}conv, newusers, pwck,
  pw{un}conv, useradd, userdel, dpasswd, usermod, vipw, vigr, shadowconfig
  (to switch on/off shadowpasswords). Also chage, chfn, expiry, gpasswd,

  I think with a small fixes we could use the package normally (for
  example, it should not look for login.defs on the Hurd, and it should not
  depend on login, but on hurd package).

  "touch /etc/login.defs" for now, too, or passwd will complain.

* I have solved why fd/4 is not working when running native-install: The
  perl scripts want "#! /usr/bin/perl", but it is called /usr/bin/perl.dist,
  until perl-base is configured. So we could either force perl-base to be
  configured first, or take the error message as it is (as I do run dpkg
  twice, it starts perl correctly in the second run)

* I could not reproduce that pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL crashes the Hurd on login


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