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Re: alternate keymaps

>>>>> Ryan Yeske writes:

 RY> Is it possible to install a dvorak keymap under the Hurd as it
 RY> stands?

 RY> Also (this might be stretching it) what about with Grub?

Aha!  At last I've discovered a fellow Dvorak-geek who actually will
admit it publically. ;)

Seeing as I'm already hacking GRUB into little pieces, and
internationalization support will be in it soon, I don't think it's
such a tall order to request support for alternate keyboards.

As for support under the Hurd, I'm not sure.  It seems to me that
keyboard remapping belongs as an option to /hurd/term, and that it
wouldn't be all that hard to implement.  Somebody else will have to
answer that, though... I haven't even bothered to try yet.

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