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Re: Hurd technical questions (Mach, SMP, etc)

   Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 16:07:38 -0600 (CST)
   From: Troy Benjegerdes <hozer@drgw.net>

   > I have done some work on this.  I added multiboot support to OSF Mach
   > (which is relevant if you want to run the Hurd on top of OSF Mach on
   > the ix86), did some work to add the extensions to GNU people made to
   > their version of MiG to the OSF version.  Here is a list of things I
   > think need to be done to get the Hurd run on OSF Mach:

   So I take this to mean you have osfMach sources which compile, build, and
   run on x86? If so, I would very much like to get ahold of this, and try
   the latest MkLinux linux server with it.

   I've managed to build the ode tools for osfmach and build osfMach on x86,
   but, it won't boot completely. (on a Pentium II 450) I haven't had time to
   pursue this any further.

I couldn't get the ode tools to compile on my machine, so I made a
automake/autoconf build environment for the Mach kernel, with only the
x86 specific code included, and only the drivers I needed.  Then I
built some parts of the standalone mach library, more or less by hand.
Just enough to build a ``Hello, World!'' server.  The things boots
using GRUB and indeed does print ``Hello, World!'' on the console.  At
that point my Christmas vacation ended.  If you are interested I could
make my OSF Mach kernel package available somewhere.

   The MkLinux people might be interested in the extensions to MiG..

I doubt it, since these feature wre specifically added to make
compiling the stubs in the Hurds libc (libmachuser and libhurduser)


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