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Re: Hurd on my i486 won't boot

>>>>> OKUJI Yoshinori writes:

 >> If you are interested in this... at least you have a machine
 >> without coprocessor and could test this! (I have a pentium, no way
 >> to remove the coprocessor here :)

 OY>   I'm, too. This work must be done by someone who has a cpu
 OY> without fpu.

I have no fpu, but also don't know where to begin.  If somebody makes
an initial attempt at the port, I would be happy to attempt to debug
it and pick up where they left off.

I don't want to be the one to make the initial attempt, though,
because I'd have to learn too much in order to be sure I fit the code
into gnumach in a way that is reasonably elegant.


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