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Re: third attempt of an idiot?

   From: Emmanuel Michon <michon@email.enst.fr>
   Date: 01 Mar 1999 13:21:53 +0100

   > Maybe GNU Mach contains too much drivers. Gordon, can you check the
   > configure line of GNU Mach package debian/rules files and look if you can
   > adjust it to fit for more systems?

   and can it deal with ``strange'' devices like a tv tuner card,
   a secondary parallel port card, for example? 
   i think I do not have irq sharing on my system, since
   the idiot's guide says it's no good for the hurd.

It definitely has no support for a tv tuner card, and I doubt whether
the second parallel port card will be detected, but if you have a
GNUmach kernel with only the drivers you really need (say the IDE
driver and a network driver) and there is no conflict between those
and the tv tuner card and the parallel port card, it should run as if
the tv tuner card and parallel port card do not exist.  The problem is
probably that the autodetection of the network and or SCSI devices in
the standard Debian GNUmach kernel interacts badly with one of your
``strange'' devices.

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