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Re: System requirements

On Thu, Mar 11, 1999 at 01:27:08PM -0800, Ian Main wrote:
> > 
> > and the easy guide has something, too, I think.
> The easy guide (at http://pick.sel.cam.ac.uk/~mcv21/hurd.html) says:
> 	You may make a swap partition too if you wish, or use your Linux one
> 	(in which case you need to modify your boot scripts, but I have no
> 	idea which ones to change).
> And that's the end of that :)
> I would not mind writing text for this if the author is not up to it.

Eh, wait a minute ;) The last sentence will be pretty much obsolete very
soon (in prior versions, hurd did not honour the special swap markup used by
linux and destroy it, so you'd need to run mkswap again. In the meantime,
Roland did add some sode to the hurd which makes sure that the linux swap
format is not harmed).

If you want to write something, this is a good start:


Roland did well explaining the new format, and if you document it, it is not

> > Great to hear that it is now working more reliable! Which translator is
> > dying on you? exec or file system?
> The ext2fs translator.  I tried both ext2.static and plain ext2 (or whatever
> they are exactly called).  As soon as I cd into the dir it dies with a 'translator

Which dir? how did you set up the translator? What did you expect to see?

> died' error message and I'm put back to my previous dir.  I'm using settrans
> just like in the easy install doc.

Well, probably the partition is too big (>1 GB).
> Also, is there a /proc translator I should have setup ?  I see errors from
> several programs about no /proc.

No, proc is not supported by Hurd (write an emulation if you can :), but
please report the program which doesn't work. I know of start-stop-daemon.

Every program which relies on /proc needs to be rewritten if it is
significant to the Hurd.


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