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Re: 19990312 Debian GNU/Hurd status

   From: Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org>
   Date: 12 Mar 1999 09:15:08 -0600

   * Mark Kettenis did some great investigative work, and uncovered the
     bug in the Hurd notification protocol that caused the proc port
     leak, ext2fs failing to cleanly unmount sometimes, and I'm sure
     other small problems.  He and Thomas came up with a solution,
     with a proc optimization from Roland that made their code simpler.

I still see the ext2fs not cleanly unmounted problem from time to
time, although it seems to occur less often (that's why I reported
that it was ``fixed'').  While this indicates that there is still a
bug in the filesystem related code, one shouldn't wory too much.  The
warning is mostly harmless, since the filesystems state is usually
sane.  Only the last step in unmounting fails, which means that the
``clean'' flag isn't set, and maybe that some deleted but still open
files end up with a zero dtime.

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