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Re: booting problems

On Fri, Feb 26, 1999 at 09:47:24AM +0000, Vincent Murphy wrote:
>    /dev/hd0s4/boot/servers.boot: not found
>    Can't open server boot script /dev/hd0s4/boot/servers.boot: 5001
>    Server boot script? [/dev/hd0s4/boot/servers.boot] 
>  any help would be much appreciated.
>  i used the cross-install script, and the idiot's guide to set up my hurd
> partition.

THis is probably because you used a cross-install which didn't care about
latest hurd version. If you have cross-install <= 1.2, and hurd 19990212-2,
that's the case. Either upgrade cross-install, and try again, or, which is
much simpler, just mount the gnu partition and do:

cp /gnu/boot/servers.boot.dpkg-new /gnu/boot/servers.boot

and reboot.


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