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** ERRO: Falha na entrega da mensagem. / ERROR: Failed to deliver the message ** Réponse automatique d'absence du bureau : [SPAM Arkoon] A Real System You Can Use for Daily Income Respuesta automática de Fuera de la oficina: Online Job Available Automatická odpověď v nepřítomnosti: *****SPAM***** A Breakthrough Nutrition System RE: Get Free Credit Report America Fast Re: Get Your Free 2009 Credit Report RE:Online Survey Job Openings Re: Your Trial Offer is Waiting (Automatische Antwort) [Bug 102] Locales nb_NO and nn_NO have wrong/inconsistent date format [Bug 1031] Allow installation from multiple CD volumes [Bug 1083] upstream: fails backing up ltspservers: AssertionError: CCPP index out of order: [Bug 1155] Pluto Integration [Bug 1281] nbdswap-cleanup fail to clean up after unresponsive clients. [Bug 1304] Read access to root files denied [Bug 1309] LTSP server does not use LDAP for PAM / NFS mount [Bug 1310] HAL daemon denies access to USB media [Bug 1321] lwat add machine brings up a page stating 'No matching objects'. [Bug 1328] Default browser (Iceweasel) refuses to connect to https://www/ by default [Bug 1330] please confirm: thin-clint server installation broken? [Bug 1333] we need to check if adding machines with lwat is enough to put them in dhcp. [Bug 1335] kernel and fdisk see existing partitions on /dev/hda, parted doesn't [Bug 1336] Impossible to edit user [Bug 1336] New: Impossible to edit user [Bug 1337] New: Error when pressing Upload without a path [Bug 1338] French, choose profile: ommited explenation for profile 'minimal'. [Bug 1338] New: French, choose profile: ommited explenation for profile 'minimal'. [Bug 1339] Installation doesn't find cdrom on SIS5513 IDE-chipset [Bug 1339] New: Installation doesn't find cdrom on SIS5513 IDE-chipset [Bug 180] Skolelinux is missing a automatic detection of new clients macaddress [Bug 848] Debian-EDU lacks Kerberos support out of the box [Bug 947] add 'NEEDINFO' status to bugzilla [Bug 958] needs documentation: howto suspend and clean the print queue [Challenge Response] Confirm your email by visiting Fwd: [kde-edu]: School-wide configuration: common solution? Re: [SPAM] Companies Need You Absence Alternatives to photo story 3 Announcement: Debian edu IRC meeting Thursday 19th February 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET) Be Rummy next champion broken lenny-image? Re: Bug#508042: newt frontent have inefficient use of screen real estate (multiselect) Bug#514039: please make debian-edu@l.d.o moderated classmattes linearize infusing boomlet Confirm: Confirm: debian-edu-doc 1.2~20090115 MIGRATED to testing debian-edu-install_0.675~svn56969_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_0.675~svn57163_i386.changes ACCEPTED developer gathering in Bergen developer gathering in Bergen Mars 2009 Developer gathering, Bergen 27-29 Bergen Diffusion des messages Discussing University Migration FAQ: last@LTSP; nx Frisk Meeting fsautoresize Help Desk Submission Re: Help to help: bugs squash. Re: how to mount home0 on other Linux? Impossible to download the iso image of testing using rsync josl - mountain lounging hotel gmbh & co kg Lenny installation in text mode issues. lenny main contrib non-free lenny testing Location Skolelinux developer gathering is at The University of Bergen, March 27-29 Look in the book for summer island holidays. lwat & konqueror lwat fix for debian-edu etch meeting summary, 2009-02-19 mellifluent coveys requiter sermonizzes Merci de nous confirmer l'envoi de votre message Message diffusion : Authorization reject My report from Trondheim gathering Neue Emailadresse pintoes preparedness lipless haaunt Planetek Italia s.r.l.: Email rejected Please note my new email address... Problem adding machine to LWAT problem with lwat or ldap Problem/Blocker: ~/.mozilla blocks login Re: r56968 - in trunk/src/debian-edu-install: . debian Received Your Mail Re: Red Alert: Spam // Re: Yet another list statistics for debian-edu Regarding your email to RESPONDIENDO Results of your commands SimpleHost Support svn commit logs on IRC? Testing was / Re: meeting summary, 2009-02-19 Tryong to get the email server to work. turning this list into a moderated one down Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering 27-29 Bergen Your enquiry Your message is blocked because it seems SPAM. Your message to at the Australian Governme nt Solicitor The last update was on 07:25 GMT Sun May 24. There are 195 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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