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Absence Alternatives to photo story 3 Announcement: Debian edu IRC meeting Thursday 19th February 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET) Be Rummy next champion Bitte lesen - Re: 2009 Credit Report America - Free Check Bitte lesen - Re: Free 2009 Credit Report for US Citizens broken lenny-image? [Bug 102] Locales nb_NO and nn_NO have wrong/inconsistent date format [Bug 1031] Allow installation from multiple CD volumes [Bug 1083] upstream: fails backing up ltspservers: AssertionError: CCPP index out of order: [Bug 1155] Pluto Integration [Bug 1281] nbdswap-cleanup fail to clean up after unresponsive clients. [Bug 1304] Read access to root files denied [Bug 1309] LTSP server does not use LDAP for PAM / NFS mount [Bug 1310] HAL daemon denies access to USB media [Bug 1321] lwat add machine brings up a page stating 'No matching objects'. [Bug 1328] Default browser (Iceweasel) refuses to connect to https://www/ by default [Bug 1330] please confirm: thin-clint server installation broken? [Bug 1333] we need to check if adding machines with lwat is enough to put them in dhcp. [Bug 1335] kernel and fdisk see existing partitions on /dev/hda, parted doesn't [Bug 1336] Impossible to edit user [Bug 1336] New: Impossible to edit user [Bug 1337] New: Error when pressing Upload without a path [Bug 1338] French, choose profile: ommited explenation for profile 'minimal'. [Bug 1338] New: French, choose profile: ommited explenation for profile 'minimal'. [Bug 1339] Installation doesn't find cdrom on SIS5513 IDE-chipset [Bug 1339] New: Installation doesn't find cdrom on SIS5513 IDE-chipset [Bug 180] Skolelinux is missing a automatic detection of new clients macaddress Re: Bug#508042: newt frontent have inefficient use of screen real estate (multiselect) Bug#514039: please make debian-edu@l.d.o moderated [Bug 848] Debian-EDU lacks Kerberos support out of the box [Bug 947] add 'NEEDINFO' status to bugzilla [Bug 958] needs documentation: howto suspend and clean the print queue cambio de mail [Challenge Response] Confirm your email by visiting classmattes linearize infusing boomlet Confirm: Confirm: debian-edu-doc 1.2~20090115 MIGRATED to testing debian-edu-install_0.675~svn56969_i386.changes ACCEPTED debian-edu-install_0.675~svn57163_i386.changes ACCEPTED Developer gathering, Bergen 27-29 Bergen developer gathering in Bergen developer gathering in Bergen Mars 2009 Diffusion des messages Discussing University Migration ** ERRO: Falha na entrega da mensagem. / ERROR: Failed to deliver the message ** FAQ: last@LTSP; nx Frisk Meeting fsautoresize Help Desk Submission Re: Help to help: bugs squash. Re: how to mount home0 on other Linux? Impossible to download the iso image of testing using rsync Réponse automatique d'absence du bureau : [SPAM Arkoon] A Real System You Can Use for Daily Income Respuesta automática de Fuera de la oficina: Online Job Available Automatická odpověď v nepřítomnosti: *****SPAM***** A Breakthrough Nutrition System josl - mountain lounging hotel gmbh & co kg Fwd: [kde-edu]: School-wide configuration: common solution? Lenny installation in text mode issues. lenny main contrib non-free lenny testing Location Skolelinux developer gathering is at The University of Bergen, March 27-29 Look in the book for summer island holidays. lwat fix for debian-edu etch lwat & konqueror meeting summary, 2009-02-19 mellifluent coveys requiter sermonizzes Merci de nous confirmer l'envoi de votre message Message diffusion : Authorization reject My report from Trondheim gathering Neue Emailadresse pintoes preparedness lipless haaunt Planetek Italia s.r.l.: Email rejected Please note my new email address... Problem adding machine to LWAT Problem/Blocker: ~/.mozilla blocks login problem with lwat or ldap Re: r56968 - in trunk/src/debian-edu-install: . debian Received Your Mail Re: Red Alert: Spam // Re: Yet another list statistics for debian-edu Regarding your email to RESPONDIENDO Results of your commands SimpleHost Support Re: [SPAM] Companies Need You svn commit logs on IRC? Testing was / Re: meeting summary, 2009-02-19 [TICKET-ID:billticket-#195814] assigned to your request Tryong to get the email server to work. turning this list into a moderated one Update to ticket NDL-3510411 down RE: Get Free Credit Report America Fast Re: Get Your Free 2009 Credit Report RE:Online Survey Job Openings Re: Your Trial Offer is Waiting (Automatische Antwort) Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering 27-29 Bergen Your enquiry Your message is blocked because it seems SPAM. YOUR MESSAGE TO FineArtStudioOnline Support was NOT Delivered Your message to at the Australian Governme nt Solicitor The last update was on 20:27 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 201 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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