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Re: Help to help: bugs squash.


On Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009, Holger Levsen wrote:
> So the next step is to upload the package and test it. I would do that, but
> would very much appreciate if you could first improve debian/changelog (to
> describe better what has changed.)

I've decided that it's better to test these changes ASAP so I'll upload now. 

Please still edit the changelog to better reflect what you're changes were.
(I'll be uploading this as 0.675~svn56969, editing the changelog is very fine 
until we released 0.675.)

> > As for the profile question (bug#1315), I didn't commit that because It's
> > much too Intrusive, on the other hand I think it's needed to fix soon.
> > I'm now encouraged to discuss it on-list, will start a topic for that
> > matter.
> Please do. And please open a new thread :)

Still :)


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