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Re: Lenny installation in text mode issues.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 02:04:26PM +0100, holger@layer-acht.org wrote:
> > 2) Some .po files contain a message advising not to edit them:
> > How should they be dealt with to avoid conflicts?
> > What is the source for these files?
> I dont know. But I do expect translators to be able to follow that.

I also think so.
If really needed, the strings could be filtered out with msggrep (but I
would not recommend it).

> > 3) Some Asian fonts seem wider.
> > 	This may cause mishandle of word wrapped lines count.
> > I'd like to know the newt screen width in characters for these.
> I have no idea - but I've bcc:ed three people who know a lot about i18n and/or 
> fonts, maybe we get a useful reply. (hi! ;)
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=508042#10
> http://bugs.skolelinux.no/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1315

I think I'm missing some context here.

I can provide a patch for the two issues:
1] There are three lines between the long description and the short
   (This is just removing the "strcat(res, "\n\n");" in
2] The mulitselect may be displayed below the <Continue> button (or
   description, which render the selection impossible.
   (This is just changing need_separate_window() to compare height-7
   (height-9 if the above is not applied) instead of height-5)

However, I'm not sure it is the bug reported by Oded.

Is there a problem with Asian fonts? (a wide caracters, like 望, is as
wide as two ascii characters on a terminal). If the character width is not
taken into account when rewrapping, the lines may need to be rewrapped
later, which may add more lines and could cause the same issue as 2]

Oded, can you point me to the package/template/language which triggers the
issue (a screenshot would be welcome).

(Or maybe the above two points would be sufficient)

Best Regards,

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