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Re: Testing was / Re: meeting summary, 2009-02-19

Hi Andreas,

On Samstag, 21. Februar 2009, Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:
> > for getting lenny out, we need testers, bugreports and people fixing
> > stuff :)
> I will help to test! 

Great! Very much appreciated!

> But I think it is better that we produce a BETA 
> version.

I agree. But sadly at the moment we have some space issues, so we cannot build 
lenny and lenny-test images. 

Which would be my idea how to create beta versions: lenny is stable (in 
Debian) now and we could only move packages from (our) lenny-test to (our) 
lenny, when we want to create a new beta. Development takes places in 
lenny-test and packages are moved from there to lenny only manually.

We are working on getting more space.

> So I also report against old no more used version and nobody can agree
> disagree or help me around a possible bug.

Reports against versions which are not too old (eg, not older than a week) are 
usually fine. Please always also report when+where exactly you downloaded it.

But we will release beta- and release candidates images ASAP.


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