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Re: Help to help: bugs squash.

Hi Oded,

I've been meaning to reply to your commits basically since I saw them, cause 
they made me very happy :-) (It's also true, that I (think) I have seen some 
issues with them, but mostly I'm happy about your work and unhappy that I 
didnt find time to reply yet, because I was busy with other stuff...) 

First they simply make me happy, because it's always great to see more good 
people doing good work on Debian Edu and because I hope I will see more of 
them :))

I'm now writing this, because I fear you have seen my other mails on the list 
today and that you might be a bit disappointed to not really have received 
feedback about them. I know I would be curious for feedback if I where 
you :-) And I do think your contributions and giving you feedback is 

And now it's the middle of the night and the gathering is almost over for me, 
I will traveling home tomorrow morning and already commited to other stuff 
which I plan to do during my travel time. So it will (very probably) take 
some more time until I can properly comment on them. But maybe someone else 
will jump in, I'm just a single developer.. ;)


On Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009, Oded Naveh wrote:
> 	O.K. I gather it's safe to check in with 'svn commit'.
> Else, stop me now, so I don't "shoot someone's leg" (or higher;).

No, I dont plan to stop you at all :)

As said, I have had some "issues" and/or questions when reading your commit 
diffs but nothing were I felt being shot at ;-) Quite the opposite. (!)

One issue, and thats probably the main thing I saw, is that I thought your 
patches were too big (especially the 2nd but also the 1st). Better split the 
patch into small logical units, as it's much easier to review and understand. 
And always provide a meaningful debian/changelog entry :) (If I remember 
correctly, you have done that (good changelog), but I wont check this now, 
this mail has gotten way longer than I initially thought anyway.)

Secondly, your 2nd patch was maybe too intrusive _at this moment in time_, 
that is, so close before the Lenny release. (Even though the Edu lenny 
release very likely will be later than the Debian lenny release. But we 
should also stabilize our packages and not introduce intrusive new things.)
But thats my opinion also, and maybe just a misunderstanding on my side of 
your work ;-)

Last but not least, you cannot really shot us in the leg ;-) If the commit is 
really unsuitable, we can always revert it :-D 
_Maybe_ you want to that with your 2nd patch - and then commit the same 
changes again in several commits?!!?

(And definitly: if the patch has to be that long to fix stuff we need to fix 
(now), so be it! :-)

> 	Regarding Bugzila either its messaging mechanism is broken again, or
> its messages containing attachments gets blocked at this side.
> I attached a proposed patch to bug 1316 [1], yet nothing showed up here.
> [1] http://bugs.skolelinux.no/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1316

I see two attachments from you there now. So all is good here?

Oh, and "btw", I read your idea on debian-boot the other day, to solve the 
problem with the too long profile question by making it even longer - this 
sounds like a really elegant hack!!

> Thanks again.
> Odd.

Thank you!

As this mail has gotten very long, let me summarize it, those 2 extra lines 
wont hurt: please keep up the good work, but maybe make smaller commits.

I will send another mail while looking at the patches. This mail was just 
written out of memory :-)


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