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RE: Help to help: bugs squash.

 Hi Holger,
Thank you for your message, it is heart warming. 

Yes, I could tell you were very busy (and productive), and no I wasn't
really disappointed -at this point- actually I was surprised, when I first
saw this mail, I thought "Oh boy, what have I done?", but then reading
through it was truly gratifying.
While I'm "riding" Debian-Edu for my own education, commits are much like
submitting home-exercise, exercising is crucial, review is added value. Back
at my Teknion days, submissions were hardly ever reviewed, which annoyed me,
but then I was paying for my education.
I admit there was the other point that got me disappointed and frustrated
when I wanted to step in and wasn't sure which way, but I already
communicated that and was rewarded since by introduction to the beautiful
tool named Subversion.

That personal note aside, I think it's important to let new-comers feel
they're being watched. Then help them get useful requires directions and

Specifically for these two patches, I am curious for feedback and
particularly for the issues.
I will look deeper into it with your comments in mind to see what could be
done better.
I agree the second one is somewhat 'intrusive' as you put it and not
necessary for the bug fix, which is why it is a second patch.
I can see that each contains some 'BTW changes' that could be omitted.
The size of each is much due to small changes in many files, many applied by
the build system. I consider it better to have them all committed than just
committing the cause leaving the effect to happen at some undetermined time.
But I could commit them separately.
So far I didn't get to the "Branching and Merging" topic, I only used
'revert' on my 'working copy'. I woun't be offended if someone else reverts
any of these check-ins and I will consider that option if I'd think I could
improve significantly.

As for the profile question (bug#1315), I didn't commit that because It's
much too Intrusive, on the other hand I think it's needed to fix soon.
I'm now encouraged to discuss it on-list, will start a topic for that

Bugzilla is working fine, I only later noticed it's configured to exclude
the list from attachment submission mail, as I presume, it wouldn't get
through anyway.

Appreciate the encouragement and your time.

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