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Re: Lenny installation in text mode issues.

Hi Oded,

(big) thanks for looking into this! 

On Montag, 23. Februar 2009, Oded Naveh wrote:
> Looking a little upstream there's build time, here I see two opportunities:
> 1) Manipulate DEBIAN/templates through debian/rules somewhere between
> dh_installdeb and dh_builddeb. 2) Manipulate debian/templates and
> debian/po/*.po either through debian/rules or Makefile anywhere before
> dh_installdeb.
> I wrote a little AWK program to do the former, it does pretty well,

Nice. I also like the first approach better :)

> Considerations:
> 1) How much control to leave for translators?
> 	The later method may allow more control for translators, they may run the
> program to see how it modifies their .po, while the former method is more
> transparent and may cause confusion.

I dont understand ;-) Can you explain again, why they cannot check if using 
the first method?

> 2) Some .po files contain a message advising not to edit them:
> How should they be dealt with to avoid conflicts?
> What is the source for these files?

I dont know. But I do expect translators to be able to follow that.

> 3) Some Asian fonts seem wider.
> 	This may cause mishandle of word wrapped lines count.
> I'd like to know the newt screen width in characters for these.

I have no idea - but I've bcc:ed three people who know a lot about i18n and/or 
fonts, maybe we get a useful reply. (hi! ;)


> 4) Is monitor physical size of any relevance?
> 	I assumed constant resolution for newt, is that correct?

No. I know that at least on powerpc, but I also think on certain x86 machines, 
the console is displayed in framebuffer with a higher resolution than normal.

> 5) How to run from debian/rules, correctly?
> 	For testing purposes I naively used:
>    ...  dh_installdebconf -p$@ -n
>         ./508042-workaround.awk \
> 	    debian/debian-edu-profile-udeb/DEBIAN/templats > temp
>         mv temp debian/debian-edu-profile-udeb/DEBIAN/templats
>         ...
>         dh_builddeb -p$@ --filename=$(PROFILEUDEBFILENAME)
> I suppose there are variables to replace for explicit locations.

No, looks fine. (Except for the "./" path and s/templats/templates/ 

> 6) What considerations am I overlooking?

AFAICS nothing.



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