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lenny main contrib non-free


in etch, Debian Edu only has a "local" category, while Debian 
has "main", "contrib" and "non-free". (Actually, they are not part of Debian 
but Debian provides infrastructure. Anyway...)

For lenny, I propose we do the same for our lenny (and lenny-test). (And keep 
etch as it is.) 

What do you think?

I'd be willing to work on the dak side of things, but at least the cd builds 
also needs to be fixed... (fast! ;)


P.S.: This was triggered by the notion that there is no flashplugin-nonfree 
package in lenny, nor planned for bpo nor volatile (afaik). So I was thinking 
of uploading it to our repo, but I didnt (and dont) like the idea of putting 
packages not suited for Debian main into our main (heh!) repo.

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