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Re: how to mount home0 on other Linux?

Ralf wrote:
> How about using sshfs?
> As root do:
> # apititude install sshfs
> # adduser yourusername fuse
> Possibly you need to restart some services like pam - or at least
> re-enter your session as "yourusername".
> No create a mount point like:
> $ mkdir ~/myTjener
> ...and:
> $ sshfs HOSTuser@tjener.intern:/skole/tjener/home0  ~/myTjener
> If you want this done automatically from fstab, have a look at:
> http://www.debuntu.org/2006/04/27/39-mounting-a-fuse-filesystem-form-etcfstab
> (sic!).

Thanks Ralf. This didn't work on Dell Ubuntu, where ssh seems to be
broken. However, I put gOS on one and it works! (btw I'm getting tired of
customised Linux from hardware manufacturers - they are doing a great
service to microsoft)

However, I can't put it into fstab because HOSTuser (see above) will vary
with each child that uses the laptop. So what I did was wrote a little
script that prompts for the username first then mounts the corresponding
home from tjener. It works OK apart from Gnome asking whether to run,
display, etc. when the shortcut is clicked.

thanks again


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