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Regarding your email to boutell@boutell.com

Thanks for contacting boutell@boutell.com. Due to a breathtakingly high
volume of spam, I ask that you first contact me via my contact form:


Once you have contacted me once via the form, you will immediately be
whitelisted to contact me via email as well. If you need to send an
attachment you can do so via email after first saying hello via the form.

I recognize that this is inconvenient, and I apologize for the necessity.
I can only say that nothing in the universe collects more spam than an
email address that has been published all over the Internet since 1994!

The subject of your message was:

[SPAM] =?windows-1251?B?TWFraW5nIE1vbmV5IG9uIGVCYXkgTGV0cyBZb3UgTGl2ZSB0aGUgRHJlYW0gTGlmZQ==?=

With my sincere apologies for the inconvenience,

Tom Boutell

P.S. Again, that link is:


Once you've used it once you will be whitelisted to contact me via email
as well.

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