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[Bug 1336] Impossible to edit user


faj@bzz.no changed:

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------- Comment #9 from faj@bzz.no  2009-02-26 15:03 -------
You _are_ allowed to change the password of a user. But by default the password
is autogenerated. this is by design, most admins tend to create bad passwords. 
Although some argue that the password generated by lwat is somewhat simple as
well. It's still better than most of the teacher/admin created passwords. 

If you do want to set your own password, you can so by changing

The user is also able to set the password themself, by browsing to

If you want to change the username, you should use ldap-utils, it's not
supported by lwat, the same goes for changing the groupid. 

Changing this bug to wont fix, as it is by design. 

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