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My report from Trondheim gathering


besides the fact that Trondheim did perfectly my
expectations of a nice Norwegian city and that the
hosting od SLX labs was perfect I would like to
give a short summary of my work at the gathering:

 1. I solved an issue of the tasks pages which
    was frequently critizised by visitors of blends
    which make heavy use of prospective packages:
    The distinction between unofficial packages and
    packaging stuff in SVN was not clear and leaded
    to confusion.  This is now implemented and
    can be seen in several sections of Debian Med
    and Debian Science.
    Unfortunately Debian Edu does not yet make heavy
    use of the prospective package feature (for instance
    and those are only featuring projects were no
    unofficial package or packaging stuff is mentioned
    here.  To understand what I mean just have a look
    at for instance
    and there the two different "yellow sections".
    I would realle recommend maintaining such prospective
    packages in Debian Edu.  It is documented at
    and I volunteer to provide any help you might need.
 2. The CDD -> Blends name transition is nearly finished
    now.  The SVN repository was moved in Trondheim
    and a bug for creating a debian-blends list was
    filed (#514023).  You might like to support the
    creation of the list by sending a mail to this bug.
 3. The renamed blends-dev packages were now available
    from Debian mirrors in experimental after I insisted
    to do the needed manual work by ftpmaster.  I will
    not move these packages out of experimental before
    Lenny release.
 4. I uploaded debian-med, debian-science and debian-jr
    packages builded with blends-dev to experimental as
    well.  I wait for this transition for debian-edu until
    the Lenny based release is out for obvious reasons.
 5. What is left on my TODO list is to parse different dists
    (unstable, testing, stable, experimentali and perhaps
    others) for the availability of packages mentioned in
    the tasks file.

Kind regards and thanks for organising the gathering.



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