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problem with lwat or ldap

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Hi Everyone
Something has gone wrong with my ldap setup.
First the environment.
I recreated this server over the christmas break. I suspected hardware problems so I gutted the machine put in a new motherboard, cpu, ram and powersupply. Then I reinstalled the latest stable version of skolelinux I restored the user data base using slapcat and slapadd.
Okay everything is running okay but I can not add user or change their groups. I can change their passwords.
When I use lwat I get message that says " ERROR unable to update nextID"
I have down loaded other ldap tools like ldap-account-manager and GQ these can browse the database but can not change it. They all say Confidentialiality required.
In addition I have been trying to set up email and moodle to use the ldap and am making no headway. 
So eveything points to a ldap setup problem of some sort.
Just one additional point no tool can connect to the ldap server using tls or ssl they simply hang.
Any insights would be appreciated.
Thanks Jacob Maier 

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