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Re: fsautoresize

Claudio Carboncini wrote:
I have the /usr full, and when I try to extend it with the script
debian-edu-skole-n fsautoresize Skole replies with this error ...

tjener:/skole/tjener/home0/admin1# debian-edu-fsautoresize -n
exec: lvextend -L3802726k /dev/Debian/usr
File descriptor 3 left open
File descriptor 4 left open
File descriptor 7 left open
File descriptor 12 left open
  Rounding up size to full physical extent 3,63 GB
  Extending logical volume usr to 3,63 GB
  Insufficient suitable allocatable extents for logical volume usr: 85
more required
error: unable to resize /dev/mapper/Debian-usr
Some help?

run vgdisplay. and check how much free space you actualy have available to give to /usr you may have to reduce a different partition, before you can grow /usr, or you may have to add disks.
run df -h to see if any partitions could be reduced.


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