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Re: Lenny installation in text mode issues.


On Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009, Nicolas François wrote:
> > Hi Nicholas,
> > Thanks for stepping in.

Indeed! :)

> > I'm not sure you're on the list so you get your own personal copy.
> Thanks, I'm not in the list.

> I'm neither in the release team nor in the d-i team (and I don't even know
> if debian-edu is using the Debian installer or a slightly different that
> would allow changing cdebconf), but I don't think this can occur in a short
> time frame.

It really (mostly) depends on the impact of the bug and the size (and danger) 
of the patch. There will be somewhat less strict rules for 5.0.1 (formerly 
known as r1) (*), so there is a chance to get this fixed in lenny.

Or, we can upload a fixed cdebconf package to our (debian edu) repository. In 
fact, we should definitly do this ASAP, to have the real proof that the patch 
works :-)

So thanks again for stepping in and for the hopefully soon available patch! :)


(*) compared to normal point releases. 

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