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Re: [Bug 1336] Impossible to edit user

Today a child in grade 2 couldn't remember his password. I fired up my new lwat, which I updated last week, and couldn't fix his password until I had dragged up this message out of my trash, followed it to the bug report, and finally found out which file to edit to restore normal behaviour.

This was while the child stood next to me waiting, and my class gradually deteriorated from lack of my attention. I set his password to zebra, so that he would be able to remember it long enough to log in and change it to something he likes. Being memorable is far more important than strength for this age group. I have to agree with the people who think it is normal for the admin to be able to set kids' passwords.


drift@skolelinux.org wrote:

------- Comment #6 from faj@bzz.no  2009-02-26 09:05 -------
There was a bug in previous versions of lwat, that allowed the admin to change
the password. it should by default in all versions be denied. I think it's
mentioned in the change log of lwat, which should be displayed during an
upgrade i think.

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