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Re: Problem/Blocker: ~/.mozilla blocks login

Am Sonntag 15 Februar 2009 schrieb Klaus Ade Johnstad:
> I've never seen Firefox preventing users from loging in. Maybe home0
> is full?

Nope, this is another message - and I checked it step by step. I will 
try to send some candidates for dysfunctional .mozilla directories.

In one case, AFAIR, moving the .mozilla folder to /priv/ didn't help 
either - hence there is the possibility that it is some kind of file 
scanning during login (famd?) that fails with special types of files or 
file names.

Very strange, I will keep digging. Alas, in most cases there are too 
many files in .mozilla to try step by step.


Last friday, I replaced my LTSP, so I cannot access my server remotely. 
But possibly this failure was connected to this LTSP running Skolelinux 
sarge + Backports of KDE 3.5.x -- we need to keep watching.


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