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lwat fix for debian-edu etch

Hi Patrick, hi Finn-Arne,

a bit of background: on February the 19th I moved lwat 0.17-1 to debian-edu's 
etch repository, previously it was only in etch-test and etch had 0.16-1. 

0.17-1 changed the default behaviour of AllowPwdSet from true, to false, 
meaning that lwat would now make up a random password, which could not be 
changed the admin. (See the debian-edu mailing list and #1339 for longer 
explaination why this is bad.)

On IRC I wondered how to fix this:

<h01ger> So what is the best approach: a.) adding AllowPwdSet=true to the conf 
if its not set b:) not touching config file, but changing the default 
behaviour. i'd think a.) and discuss with upstream to change the default 
behavour, as users appearantly expect it. this also bites us for lenny, 
though i assume we could get a s-p-u upload allowance for this change (to 
bring debian and debian-edu's lwat in sync in lenny)

* h01ger is willing to provide .dsc(s) and upload, but would prefer finnarne 
or winnie did.

(I'm also happy to discuss (with the stable release team) and do the 5.0.1 

IMO we should come up with a fixed package in etch-test tomorrow ;-)
And something for (our) etch maybe next wednesday or so..


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