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Re: Help to help: bugs squash.

Hi Oded,

On Freitag, 20. Februar 2009, Oded Naveh wrote:
> 	I find it hard to keep pace with you when you get rolling. :)


I'm sorry for spamming the list with all those bugzilla mails :) (But I think 
its very good we have them.. it would just be better if they wouldnt come in 
such batches..)

> 	I should mention I ran preliminary tests by building and replacing the
> package on CD. Just to make you a little easier.

Indeed :) +Cool!

> 	Done, hope it will do.

Yes, looks good, thanks.

> > > > As for the profile question (bug#1315),
> 	I intend to play with it this weekend, got some new idea for tackling the
> bugger, then I'll post. Cheers, Odd.
> P.S. There are some more points in your previous message I'd like to
> elaborate, later.

Great. (both)


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