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RE: Lenny installation in text mode issues.

Hi Nicholas,
Thanks for stepping in.
I'm not sure you're on the list so you get your own personal copy.

Nicolas François: Thursday, February 26, 2009 1:02 AM
> I think I'm missing some context here.
	It's a rather loose context. I played around with the templates and brought up everything that puzzled me.
I wrote a little AWK script to workaround this - and though I became quite fond of it - a straight fix will beat a workaround any time.

> I can provide a patch for the two issues:
> 1] There are three lines between the long description and the short
>    description.
>    (This is just removing the "strcat(res, "\n\n");" in
>    src/modules/frontend/newt/newt.c)
??	Is it there for a reason? I noticed the same symptom in gtk.

> 2] The mulitselect may be displayed below the <Continue> button (or
>    description, which render the selection impossible.
>    (This is just changing need_separate_window() to compare height-7
>    (height-9 if the above is not applied) instead of height-5)
> However, I'm not sure it is the bug reported by Oded.
	This is spot on.

> Is there a problem with Asian fonts? (a wide caracters, like 
> ?, is as wide as two ascii characters on a terminal). If the 
> character width is not taken into account when rewrapping, 
> the lines may need to be rewrapped later, which may add more 
> lines and could cause the same issue as 2] above.
	I really don't know, can't read it. I only asked for the script so I don't botch one thing while plastering the other.

> Oded, can you point me to the package/template/language which 
> triggers the issue (a screenshot would be welcome).
	I use English, Petters screenshots are excellent It's obvious you looked at them, there:

> (Or maybe the above two points would be sufficient)
	Well, these are exquisite! the only thing is: will it be in Lenny?
The only reason I started with this is-
23:18 < pere> bubulle otavio: any hope of having #508042 fixed in d-i rc2?
23:20 < pere> the debian-edu profile question is badly affected by the bad formatting of cdebconf.
23:27 < otavio> pere: i doubt it will be fixed for rc2.
23:27 < otavio> bubulle: hello
23:29 < pere> otavio: :(  Any ideas on how to work around it in debian-edu-install?

Now, we can get a workaround in debian-edu-lenny but we can't let it out as it is, nor can we get changes in d-i, can we?

I don't know if you're in any position to even answer this question, it is not directed at you, rather at anyone who'd may answer.

Oh, the .po thing is really immaterial, just curiosity.

Lots of THANKS.

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