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RE: Lenny installation in text mode issues.

Hi Holger, 

> Nice. I also like the first approach better :)
	Good, that’s two-nil, so far.

> > 	The later method may allow more control for translators, they may run 
> > the program to see how it modifies their .po, while the former method 
> > is more transparent and may cause confusion.
> I dont understand ;-) Can you explain again, why they cannot 
> check if using the first method?
	Well, sure they can, only they need to know where to look for it, as the .po are left untouched, it may be confusing unless one digs in.
However the purpose is to save them the bother.

> > 2) Some .po files contain a message advising not to edit them:
> I dont know. But I do expect translators to be able to follow that.
	I gather, if we take the first approach this is no issue.

Thanks, Odd.

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