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RE: Help to help: bugs squash.

Hi Holger,
	I find it hard to keep pace with you when you get rolling. :)

Holger Levsen:
> I've decided that it's better to test these changes ASAP so 
> I'll upload now. 
	I should mention I ran preliminary tests by building and replacing the package on CD. Just to make you a little easier.

> Please still edit the changelog to better reflect what you're 
> changes were.
> (I'll be uploading this as 0.675~svn56969, editing the 
> changelog is very fine until we released 0.675.)
	Done, hope it will do.

> > > As for the profile question (bug#1315), 
> > Please do. And please open a new thread :)
> Still :)
	I intend to play with it this weekend, got some new idea for tackling the bugger, then I'll post.
Cheers, Odd.

P.S. There are some more points in your previous message I'd like to elaborate, later.

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