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Re: Tryong to get the email server to work.

Hi Jacob,

welcome to Debian Edu!

On Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009, Jacob Maier wrote:
> Since I am teaching internet I want to give the students email ids.
> My test show that exim4 is properly setup but I seem to have trouble
> getting courier to authenticate against the ldap.
> I have tried several other imap server all seem to have the same
> problem. I think they try to use ssl to ldap and fail.
> Any suggestion would be useful.

How about reading the logfiles? If that doesnt help, you can also post them 

Also it would be interesting to know what operating system you have installed. 
Debian Edu etch? lenny?

Without more information noone can help, because crystal balls are still not 
available again :-/ :)


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