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[Bug 1336] Impossible to edit user


------- Comment #10 from janr@skolelinux.no  2009-02-26 18:14 -------
yes I know LWAT autogenerates passwords, and that most admins come up with bad
passwords if they make them. 
I@m also aware that most of the linuxcommunity also think autogenerated
passwords from LWAT is weak as well.  maybe 256 digit passwords would be the

I have one question: you know the name of this distro i SKOLELINUX and it´s
used by children? from 5- years old.... 

they NEED easy passwords, they need password like this: cat7, dog4 etc. they do
not need passwords like this: dwt56BFQ2hjgllfjdor45708u.

and once again: it@s very nice to fire up iceweasel, go to lwat, search up the
username and change the password when a student says he/she can´t remember the

when LWAT have a NEW default that requires an edit of a config file to change
users password with LWAT, then this should be announced loudly in all howto´s
and mailingslist, release docs etc. Teachers assigned 2-3 hours a week to take
care of servers and clients at the schools needs that info.

I joined Skolelinux and FRISK because of such things. Skolelinux needs to be
made for teachers and students, not geeks. geeks have a lot of other distros to
play with. 

We need skolelinux to work right out of the box with minimal hassle. if
something needs manual config it should be well documented and the docs should
be easy to find.  If not, then the schools will not spend time on it and they
will choose other OS´es. 

that was my 2 cents on this.

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