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2019 problem again! Re: 2.2.{9,10} strangeness Re: 2.2.{9,10} strangeness (random SEGV/ILL in kernel compilation) Re: 2.2.{9,10} strangeness (SEGV/ILL in INIT) 2 SCSI cards aboot fails to boot /boot/jensen/linux Re: aboot question Again: Milo - question Albert.. Alpha coordination and building Re: Alpha Processor Inc. wants to help us Alpha Server 4100 (Rawhide/Dodge) Another UDB/Multia installation question AS255: UW SCSI, sound, video, kernel Big problems with arch-indep perl-based packages on archs other than i386 Boot from CD on Jensen not working booting AlphaServer 800 can't boot up a udb, too many correctable ECC errors. cdimage Comments on Mozilla M6 Compiling 2.0.37 on Ruffian ?? cross-compiler for alpha Dante testing anyone? Debian Install Problems on an XP1000 (EV6) dselect fails on install EGCS optimiser bugs... Emacs built... Faure/kubrick Follow-up on perl problems...for Alpha... [Fwd: Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha Systems now available for Beta Test!] Ghostscript troubles Good news and bad news... hatman won't compile [was Re: [ Bug#39294: hatman: Error in error]] Installing on Multia UDB It lives!!! (kinda) kernel and milo Re: kernel-howto? Kernel packages Linux Expo in Paris 17-18 June MILO. now it boots - but ... Milo - question missing files in isdnutils 3.0-12 Mmmmm.... Postgresql findings. Mozilla debs Mozilla M6 debs available for testing! Mozilla M6 debs soon New debian install disks New people :-) Re: New postgresql up for test... Non-booting alpha Out-of-date packages Patches to autoconf 2.13 for recognition of certain Alpha machines postgresql-6.5 beta3 PostgreSQL info... Problems on Ruffian ?? RAM for 164sx Re: Recompiles needed for Debian 2.1 Rescue for Ruffian doesn't boot running DEC binaries Scsi controllers Segfault? Serial port baud rate on LX164 Slink machine anyone? SSH for alpha strange memory allocation [SUCESS]: Building 2.2.9 on Ruffian Supposed complete list of perl packages with things in i386... SX update...not good news for now... Tekram SCSI (sym53c875) support? Uploaded gnupg, gpg-rsaidea, ssh Re: Uploaded mailman 1.0rc2-4 (alpha) to master Re: Uploaded postgresql 6.4.2-9 (source i386 all) to chiark use of longs in xfree86 3.3.3-1 nVidia driver Re: video card installation Video Cards Workaround to NIS? x11amp/ esd crashes me hard XBase-Clients, Xemacs, and gcc xemacs 21.1 xf86-, etc. debs for slink XFree86 Re: xlib6g static Alpha builds symbol-less The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 251 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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