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Re: AS255: UW SCSI, sound, video, kernel

>>> William Brioschi said:
> I'm afraid borrowing one is not an option in my case :(
> However, what I really need is just that SRM does not _conflict_ with
> it. I don't need to boot from the new controller; it wouldn't hurt,
> however.

That was my major concern (ie booting from it). If you don't need it, then
that makes it much more likely to work for you, under LINUX.

> With the '875J SRM simply detects it as PCI id 1000/800f and doesn't
> try any initialization. Linux detects it correctly; I haven't tried
> attaching devices. I will.

It should be OK, though I've no direct experience with the "J" version,
at least AFAIK... ;-}

> I tried an ET6000. SRM behaves badly, but MILO and Linux
> initialize it correctly. I haven't tried X.

That's the BIOS emulation. If you update the SRM console to the latest
available (if yours is old), it *may* help this problem, as a newer emulator
(as the one in MILO obviously must be) may be better at running the BIOS
code on the ET6000.


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