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Re: Scsi controllers

> On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Jeff Bolle wrote:
> > I was wondering what scsi controllers people have had the best luck with
> > under alpha linux, and which were ones to stay away from. I am looking for a
> > relativly inexpensive uw scsi controller, and have been unable to find a
> > place that gives a good review/benchmark of scsi controllers. Thanks.
> > 
> we have a 600au(miata) here with a Qlogic ISP and 2 adaptec 2940 u2w's.
> when we had just the qlogic with and internal and external drive, we got
> lockups. now, the qlogic has only internal drives, and the 2940's have the
> u2w raid arrarys on them and everything works fine. performance is great(
> we run a software mirror, a webserver, mailserver and real time video
> capture on the box at the same time.)

I've got two NCR-based cards currently running (one built-in ncr 53c810 in
my UDB and one NCR 53c876-based Tekram 390F in my SX that I just purchased
for around $70US) and they both run perfectly.  I've really enjoyed this
Tekram card since I got it a few weeks ago.  It was cheap, is a UW card,
and the driver appears rock solid.  Definitely the best value of any of
the cards I've seen (Adaptecs are much more pricey).  If you decide to go
with the Tekram, check www.pricewatch for good pricing on them.  Remember
to NOT go with the 390 since it's an AMD chip.  Go with the 390F (which
has a Symbios chip on it from NCR).


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