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Re: Alpha coordination and building

On Fri, Jun 11, 1999 at 03:59:34PM -0400, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Bart Warmerdam wrote:
> > I send a working patch to BTS some time ago. But the Ossama did not use it
> > because of this new upstream version. The thought of getting rid of this 
> > stupid error makes me already happy ;-).
> > 
> > I should have persisted in getting this fixed though...
> It's ok...I think we each sent one :-)  I know I sent patches for autoconf
> and for libtool (both of which needed it).  I just think that maintainers
> sometimes assume that the upstream fixes the problem and forget the
> patch...  Nothing against them, but I know it happens (I know it
> well...two words: ObjC patch in binutils :-).

hehehe... if we weren't there, what would the world be... ;-))

> I'll see if I can break the "chain of command" here and go directly
> upstream.  It's just not getting done otherwise.  Plus, now that the
> PCA machines are prevalent, it's that much more important.

Good. When this doesn't get resolved soon, I have to train vim to auto-add it
so I don't have to bother with it anymore... ;-)
The time it takes to get resolved I could/should have written it already... 
I've been fooled like this too many times as well. When do I learn... ;-)


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