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Re: xlib6g static Alpha builds symbol-less

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Branden Robinson wrote:

> I am CC'ing this reply to the debian-alpha mailing list.
> I do not have access to an unstable Alpha box so I cannot build the latest
> XFree86 for it.  Hopefully one of the Alpha folks will be able to address
> this issue for you.
> Hopefully xfree86-1 can be added to the Alpha auto-build list (I guess they
> use buildd).  If there are problems with compiling XFree86 on the Alpha I'd
> like to hear about them (unless they are source dependency issues, see
> debian/README.source-depends in the source package).
> People on the Alpha list: I do not subscribe to this list so please CC any
> replies to me if you want me to see them.

It died on me last night while building...something about INT64 being an
unknown type.  I'll look more into it as I get a chance (I'm covered in
ink from my large format inkjet printer right now).  I'll post back to you
Branden, as to the exact error and I'll try to work around it if it pops
up again when I try to build again.


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