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Re: Alpha coordination and building

Bart Warmerdam <bartw@xs4all.nl> writes:

> >   http://www.complete.org/~buildd/
> I think for this information is not relevent for the database. An interface to
> wanna-build is though. So if ppl want to help building they should consult
> these packages and inform the wanna-build. If you can create some *protected*

Right.  As far as the build daemon is concerned, there is a patch
repository of sorts in the source-depends file.  The sbuild program
(which actually does the build) can automatically apply these
patches.  There is an effort to place these files under CVS, which
ought to be useful for us.

Even if you don't run an autobuilder, you can invoke sbuild manually
to automatically pull down source dependencies, unpack the source,
apply necessary patches, build the software, and clean up after itself 

> An ideal proces for me could be:
> * Pick a/some packages you want to upload (preferably the ones that do not
>   autobuild) and inform wanna-build

This functionality is already present.

> * Wanna-build logic consults database and informs me if/which problems are 
>   posted on this package and supply an url to the patch(es) needed to build it
>   last time

This is not.  There is a list buildd-disc@nocrew.org (smartlist) for
discussions on future enhancements to wanna-build and friends; I think 
it would be valuable to take this discussion there.  I think the best
route is to enhance wanna-build, and Roman (its author) hangs out on
that list.

Plus, other archs could perhaps benefit from our work or contribute to 

-- John

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