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Re: missing files in isdnutils 3.0-12

On Sat, Jun 05, 1999 at 06:18:02PM +0200, Michael Schlueter wrote:
> Hi,
> last night I did an update to unstable for my noname alpha. Today I found out
> that a lot of files in the isdnutils_3.0-12 are missing. What has happen to 
> them :)? An older version 3.0-9 works fine with my PCI AVM A1 (Fritz) 150 card.

I don't know about this. IIRC the upload was not done by the regular idsn util
maintainer this time. But I may be wrong...

> Another interesting thing are the entries of elm-me+, smbfsx and some other 
> files in /etc/suid.conf. They are using user or groups that are not available
> on most systems.

Can you please post the irregularities??

> Anything else seems to work quit good.

Thanks for the report!


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