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RAM for 164sx

Hi, I know this is kind of off-topic, but since I have a 164SX 
running slink (or rather a transition hamm -> slink) ... 

So, here I go. I'd like to increase the memory of my 164SX. Now,
the question is what kind of sdram dimms I should put in the
machine. According to the board's reference manual one should use
100MHz unbuffered dimms. Looking around various web sites for sdram 
dimms I see see there are a lot of PC100 modules with SPD chips
that apparently are designed for intel boards. Would these work?
Or is it better to go with those (few) places that specifically
advertize RAM for the 164SX/LX boards?

Second question, can you have both 64 and 72 wide modules (in
different banks)?

Third: how much is memory speed important? That is, suppose the
old memory is 10ns and the new one is slightly faster, like 8 or
7. Is this important?

Thanks a lot,
Ettore Aldrovandi -- SISSA/International School for Advanced Studies 
Via Beirut 2/4, I-34013 Trieste, Italy  
ph: [+] 39 0403787445 -- fax:[+] 39 0403787528 
ettore@ubik.fm.sissa.it aldrovan@sissa.it http://www.sissa.it/~aldrovan

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