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AS255: UW SCSI, sound, video, kernel

First, I want to thank all those who answered my previous posting
about the RAM for an Alphastation 255. I bought four 16 meg parity
SIMMs and now I have a perfectly working workstation.

Quite beautiful. I'm very happy.
It just has a small and slow hard disk (a 360 meg Quantum
Lightning). Good for booting and little more :)

Now, to the subject: I'd like to buy an UW or U2W controller and
a reasonable (price-wise) disk.
Unless I get strong evidence against it, I'm going for a Tekram
390U2B, an ultra 2 wide LVD controller based on Symbios 53C895,
which I suppose should work perfectly on my Alpha (a Diamond
Fireport 20 with a 53C875 works very well). By the way, it costs
less than many ultra wide controllers.
I'd like to receive some advice on this. In particular, the
Tekram 395W (ultra wide) is interesting, but I think it is
unsupported even for i386.

Second: on board sound chip. What is it? Is it supported?

Third: I had trouble enabling modules/kmod support on 2.2.6. I get
traps when I try accessing NFS mounts. I will try a newer kernel.

Fourth: video card. I have a TGA2 (Powerstorm 3d30), in VGA
emulation mode. I can't have it turn on the monitor in native
mode. Not even thinking of frame buffer or X. Is there support
for it any way? Or, is it any way compatible to TGA? Or, are
specifications available? maybe I could write fb support.

Ciao, William

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