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Re: Tekram SCSI (sym53c875) support?

Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> Hi all...
> Just about to order a new SCSI adapter and was just wondering if anyone
> knows if the Tekram DC390F works on Alphas (specifically, 164SX).

I'm having 2 Linux boxes with the DC390F:
	1. K6-233 on Redhat 5.2
		(I've got 2 AtlasII hanging off it)

	2. Alpha XL366 also on RH5.2
		(I've an AtlasII and a Barracuda hanging off it).

Works fine.
Best bang for buck as constrasted to Adaptec (much too pricey for my

> According to the docs I can find, it should work (53c875 is supported by
> the ncr53c8xx driver according to the source), but wanted to ensure that
> someone else had tried this before making another SCSI mishap (don't ask).

No other patches required.

> I'm only used to my two UDBs so any help would be appreciated.

Sorry don't have UDBs, nor 164SX'es..

> C
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