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Alpha coordination and building


Some of us have discussed better coordination of the Alpha project.
There are people working on a database of packages and who is
generally responsible for them.

My part comes in with helping to coordinate the building of packages.
This is done by wanna-build, the software that also interacts with the 
Alpha autocompiler on my machine, erwin.complete.org.

First, you need to be aware of the website for this:


>From this site, you may get the status of every package in our
distribution.  You may see which packages haven't build (this is a
good place to invest some energy working on), which ones have been
built and uploaded but are pending a dinstall run, which ones people
are working on building, complete build logs from any package the
autobuilder worked on, and which packages need to be built (another
place to invest energy).

For those of you that build packages for Alpha, just drop me an e-mail 
and I'll add you to the list of authorized people for
wanna-build@complete.org.  With this address, you inform the system of 
the packages which you are going to build, their status, any failures, 
and when they are uploaded.  In this way, we eliminate duplicated
effort (since we can see at a glance when a package is being built).
Furthermore, the autobuilder understands these requests as well, and
won't try to build a package that someone else is working on, so we
get coordination in that respect also.

Finally, there is a list: alpha-changes@complete.org that will carry
automated notifications from the wanna-build system when status
changes.  For instance, when there are new packages available to try,
when a package's status changes from "builing" to "failed", etc.  It's 
a Listar list, so you can use Listar, Majordomo, or Smartlist syntax
to subscribe or use the Web front-end at


I'm currently working on a CGI script that will allow you to instantly 
query the status of any package in the distribution.  Also in the
pipes is a way to get our patch repository online.  Already, there is
a patch area (the autobuilder will automatically apply these as
appropriate).  I hope to have these improvements made by tonight.

-- John

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