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use of longs in xfree86 3.3.3-1 nVidia driver


I'm building xfree86 3.3.3-1 from the debian sources.
For alphas, the SVGA server is built without nVidia support,
so I figured, why not try building one with the nv driver?

But when I skimmed over the sources in xxx/vga256/drivers/nv, I
noticed extensive use of longs in the code.

When I see longs in code I am trying to build on my alpha,
I allways get suspicious. Most of the times, the programmer's
intention was to use 32 bits, not 64 bits.

Does someone succeeded in building and running the nVidia
driver of xfree86-3.3.3-1 on an alpha?

Thanks in advance,

   Bram Stolk

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