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Video Cards

Hi All...

Further to the saga with the hanging and freezing S3 on my Alpha I have
been able to convince the powers-that-be that I need a new video card,
since this has been reported to be a solution.

My machine is an Alpha AS300 4/266 and it currently has a #9 S3 764 card
in it.


1. Can I just buy any PCI graphics card to put in it (provided ofcourse it
is supported by an appropriate XF86 driver)?

2. What cheapo card can anyone recommend, I only really need 1024x768 at
16bpp but 1280x1024 at 16bpp would be better :)  The 16bpp is an absolute
must however since some of the apps we use here are completely
colour-bound (ofcourse, multicolour buttons are so important hhehehe).

Many Thanks,
Matthew Peddlesden.

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