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Re: 2019 problem again!

On Tuesday, 29 Jun, Matthew Peddlesden wrote:
> I just had the same problem on my ol' AS300 and doing your hwclock --debug
> trick highlighted exactly this problem - it was bitching about no /dev/rtc
> device, probably caused by my recompiling up to 2.2.9 and not enabling the
> enhaned rtc stuff - so I just recompiled and will reboot with it all
> enabled any time now.

A word of caution: I heard the standard RTC driver was somehow broken in
2.2; I don't know if it has been fixed.  There is a patch that disables
messing with interrupts in the stadard driver, leaving just enough
functionality for use by hwclock:
It adds a "lightweight RTC" configuration option.
Another reason to use it is that it prevents system clock from being
moved onto PIT, where the interrupt processing path is usually longer.


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